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How Alphametry helps asset managers

Superior Portfolio Returns

Tell us your interests and we’ll automagically bring you the most relevant research. Search by asset, producer, theme, or keyword.

Cut through the noise, effortlessly.

Transparent Research Cost

No more wading through dense PDFs. Unify your consumption across many sources. Our standardized formats are designed for readability.

Get to the point, fast.

Automatic Regulatory Compliance

Use our analytics to source and value research objectively. Transform your consumption into a strategic weapon.

Know your suppliers, in real-time.

  Portals such as Alphametry will ensure that only the research of most value is produced, by linking analysts with investors as easily as you choose a holiday using Trip Advisor.


Thematic Research Feeds

Our rich member profiles and areas of interest are designed to bring asset managers only the most relevant research. Ideas find you in a timely manner, wherever you are.

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usage Analytics

Your activity metrics help you effortlessly understand which research producers bring you the most value. Anonymous aggregated data gives you additional insights into rising analysts and significant market trends.

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  • I am already overloaded with research. Why would I want more?

    We know very well that the equity research over-supply makes reading everything an impossible task! Alphametry specifically targets this problem by filtering the signal from the noise. We provide a single point of access to a large pool of unique content. We use sophisticated techniques to find relevant ideas for you from among a large universe of expertise, saving you valuable time and boosting your Alpha mining.

  • What is the difference with a traditional research producer?

    Alphametry is a global marketplace aggregating a broad database of research notes in a highly structured, yet easy-to-read format. Performance, risk and activity metrics enable individual contributors to be easily recognized. The buy-side community discovers and engages with the best and most relevant research producers. Procurement is fully automated: Alphanotes® can be purchased directly online in just a few clicks or through a direct data feed (API).

  • Why would someone pay for research when broker reports can be obtained for free?

    Broker content is never truly free. It is typically paid for in a hidden manner via dealing commissions. Over the last few years, plummeting trade volumes have compromised the economics of investment research. Regulators are also demanding more transparency and separated payments. Equity research is gradually finding its true value and becoming a stand-alone business.

  • Who are Alphametry’s members?

    Institutional investors worldwide such as asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, family offices and financial advisors are part of Alphametry's members. The investment strategies published on our platform come from financial analysts, independent research producers, institutional brokers, proprietary traders and industry specialists.

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