Frequently Asked Questions


What is Alphametry?

Alphametry is the premier investment research community for market professionals. We enable asset managers and vetted analysts to efficiently engage and collaborate worldwide.

Who are Alphametry’s members?

Institutional investors such as asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, family offices and financial advisors are part of Alphametry's members. The investment strategies published on our platform come from financial analysts, independent research producers, institutional brokers, proprietary traders and industry specialists.

What is an Alphanote®?

Research, sectors or economic reports formats, while deeply qualitative, are less and less adapted to efficient content consumption. Alphametry has established with market professionals an easy-to-digest format. Each investment idea is unified and formatted to display what really matters to asset managers. All text is fully indexed for efficient searching and the associated strategy is dynamically tracked against market data from publication till closing.

What equity strategies are supported?

Long, short and pairs trading strategies can be constructed. The strategies may refer to any of the 35,000 stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and futures that are currently available. The editorial associated with a strategy may cover different investment styles such as Value, Growth, Momentum, Event-Driven, Dividend, Technical Analysis, Quantitative and Volatility.

Do I need to install any software?

The Alphametry platform is available over the web. You do not need to download or install any software. Supported web browsers: Chrome 31 or later, Firefox 31 or later, Safari 7 or later, or (if you really must) Internet Explorer 10 or later.

Is the Alphametry' platform open?

Yes. All data and textual content is available in clearly structured and industry-standard formats via our secure API. It is therefore possible to easily interconnect the Alphametry platform to databases, other online systems, or desktop software to both create and access content.

  For Asset Managers

I am already overloaded with research. Why would I want to use Alphametry?

We know very well that the equity research over-supply makes reading everything an impossible task! Alphametry specifically targets this problem by filtering the signal from the noise. We provide a single point of access to a large pool of unique content. We use sophisticated techniques to find relevant ideas for you from among a large universe of expertise, saving you valuable time and boosting your Alpha mining.

What is the difference with a traditional research producer?

Alphametry is a global marketplace aggregating a broad database of research notes in a highly structured, yet easy-to-read format. Real-time performance, risk, and activity metrics enable individual contributors to be recognized for their work and easily discovered. The buy-side community discovers and engages with the best and most relevant research producers. Procurement is entirely automated and Alphanotes® can be purchased directly online with just a few clicks or through a direct data feed (Application Programming Interface).

Why would someone pay for research when it is free?

Broker content cannot be retrieved for free. Banks rely on payment from dealing commission to fund research production. Plummeting commissions have disrupted investment research economics and regulators are furthermore enforcing transparency and separate payments for research.

Equity research is gradually finding its true value and becoming a stand-alone business.

Does Alphametry provide others services such as execution?

No, trade execution is not available. Alphametry is solely focused on high-quality differentiated research aggregation and distribution. However, our API may be easily used to connect to an in-house or third-party execution service provider.

  For Research Contributors

Who contributes to Alphametry?

Alphametry accepts individual and institutional contributors from anywhere in the world with equity research expertise. This includes not only financial analysts, but also independent research producers, institutional brokers, proprietary traders and industry specialists.

Why do analysts contribute their research on Alphametry?

It is harder and harder for contributors to get noticed, whereas timely and relevant delivery to the right asset manager has become critical. Our mission is to restore liquidity for contributors to better monetize their work. All content available on Alphametry is structured and measured to be easily discovered and purchased. By contributing on Alphametry, analysts ensure their research is delivered to the right asset manager, at the right time.

Does Alphametry rank contributors?

The broad variety of investment styles, restrictions, and objectives found in the industry create different research needs. Alphametry automatically computes a robust set of performance, risk, and activity metrics for contributors to enable them to be efficiently matched to and engage with the buy-side professionals most relevant to them. There is no absolute ranking.

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