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We structure information at scale for portfolio managers to easily organize and review investment insights with their team.


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Get started easily

Just connect securely to our intuitive application from anywhere. Relevant information is effortlessly accessible to every user, from executive and compliance officers to investment managers.

MiFID II native

Enjoy a robust research procurement framework. Manage trial periods, block unsolicited content, and forget about inducement risks.

Unique analytics

Drive your research payment decisions with metrics you can trust: Alphametry is the only platform where consumption and evaluation is truly based on your activity.

Better investing

Store and share financial knowledge with your team. Discover, add and organize new sources of alpha instantly.

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Portals such as Alphametry will ensure that only the research of most value is produced, by linking analysts with investors as easily as you choose a holiday using Trip Advisor.
— Rebecca Healey, TABB Group