In Brief

In 2014, after hundreds of analyst and portfolio manager interviews, Alphametry's founders saw that professional investors were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of financial research available. They were also expected to wade through a sea of this maintenance coverage and still make intelligent investing decisions.

At the same time, European regulators made their concerns about the lack of transparency in the investment research industry. With MiFID II on the horizon, the research industry was ripe for change. The missing link was a system to access and utilize research that was truly valuable to each individual investment firm.

Alphametry's founders turned that concept into a new business with high aspirations - to build a smart research management solution that helps active management firms beat their performance goals. After initially growing an research portal of worldwide professional contributors, Alphametry introduced Investor in 2018, a next-generation research intelligence application tailored for fundamental portfolio managers.

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Alphametry is founded by a team of passionate cross-industry experts with deep backgrounds in financial markets, high-availability computing and web applications.

We make investment research easier to use, open up new sources of expertise for the buy-side and generate more business possibilities for the research providers worldwide.