A new evaluation service for investment research

Benchmark_Parity One.png

We are proud to announce that VTFinTech, the technology provider of portfolio management and research evaluation services, has integrated its research evaluation technology with our research portal Alphametry. Available now, this new partnership offers a robust and independent research evaluation service for both providers and consumers, making the process of research subscription more informed and meaningful:

  • Asset managers benefit from a quantitative way of assessing their research providers and ideas.

  • Alphametry’s providers benefit from a new service to showcase the value of their research, and get deeper insights about their own content.

The new proprietary research evaluation methodology, Parity One, creates a house view for each provider in the form of research benchmarks tracking securities recommendations. In addition, it provides extensive tools to simulate investment ideas based on research and exchange seamlessly between sell side and buy side. It fosters a collaborative culture across the entire research value chain.

Vishnu Thurpati, CEO of VTFinTech, explains:

We are really excited about this partnership as research discovery platforms like Alphametry are a natural choice for us to let the clients use the entire spectrum of benefits that Parity One can offer. We not only provide independent evaluation of research, which simplifies the process for research buyers, but also push the research right into the end investment portfolios which traditionally never existed within the research distribution channels.

Research providers on the other hand can benefit from extensive insights into their research analysis.

Fabrice Bouland, CEO of Alphametry, comments:

This partnership is the key to moving the research market forward and giving the investment managers access to the research which has been lost under MiFID 2. VTFinTech’s Parity One Research seamlessly integrates with Alphametry and offers our clients, an independent and consistent way to evaluate the research.

Most of the research on our platform is fundamental and we believe that the analysis is as important as the security recommendation itself. Parity One understands this and considers the fundamental analysis in its evaluation which bodes really well for our research provider community.

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