The future of delivery

Data-driven discovery

We structure, meta-tag and entirely index published reports to always recommend your research to the most relevant prospects. All you have to do is publish.

Cruise control

Ensure your research is readable only by those you authorize, and no-one else. Automate subscriptions, trials or custom requests with Alphametry Premium.

No intermediation

Negotiate your commercial agreements directly with your clients or prospects. We charge for the value we add, not the one you create.


Add us to your list

No painful installation needed to instantly publish your research reports on Alphametry research portal. At no charge.

Leads come to you

Get notified automatically by interested prospects. Accept or reject.

One dashboard for research

Visualize your research production and readership metrics. Manage regulatory-proof trials and subscriptions from anywhere.

Adapt in a flash

Adapt your offering instantly to different clients by easily creating custom research packages.

Smart Light Switch

We grow with you


Regardless of your firm size, our pricing is based on the actual reading of your research.


Alphametry Discovery

  • Unlimited publishing
  • Your organization discovery
  • Basic analytics

Alphametry Premium
€0.99 per report opened*

  • Everything in Alphametry Discovery
  • User-level access control
  • Advanced analytics
  • MiFID2-compliant trials
  • Custom research packages

* Charge occurs per reader at first opening only.