We provide the buy-side with a simple app to consolidate, organize and evaluate all their investment research.


Why Alphametry

All your research in one place

Automatically consolidate all your research content and interactions, including written reports, calls, meetings, and other events, for easy organization and retrieval. Discover new providers through personalized recommendations.

Trust your data

Get accurate and timely metrics based on your own actual activity, instead of messy and unreliable data from third parties. Defend your research payments objectively.

Evaluation, not voting

Build a competitive and compliant ranking process for your providers with our bottom-up methodology using rich evaluation criteria for both written reports and interactions. Avoid guesswork like end-of-quarter voting.

No intermediation fees

Negotiate your subscriptions directly with providers, and upgrade to Alphametry Investor to manage their service from A to Z.

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• Reading access control
• Consumption metrics
• Research evaluation
• Regulatory reporting

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